Full name

P. Pallot / Arcade Test


Illustrator, Audio Engineer


Victoria, B.C.


Illustrations and visual development by Victoria-based artist P. Pallot. Adores neon, chrome, bright colours, soft textures, fangs, and claws.


My name is P. Pallot, but I'm more well known under the moniker 'Arcade' from my work as a radio dj. I am a freelance illustrator with a love for visual storytelling. I have a great interest and emphasis on character and logo design.

My aesthetic is driven as retrofuturistic ideas that incorporate both old and new design philosophies. My art also includes fun quirks such as intentional visual glitches, or yuru-chara style character designs.

I enjoy providing feedback on designs and working to find the best solutions to challenges through teamwork and troubleshooting.

I have a vivid imagination that constantly comes up with characters and stories, and would love to make some with you!


Sooke Writers Collective Little Spuds Nutrition CFUV 101.9 FM UVIC Gender Empowerment Center


Illustration, Character Design


Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Audition